Completed Projects

Title: Drug-Free Communities Support Program Evaluation
Status: Completed
Topic: Evaluation Services
Funding Source: Valley Substance Abuse Action Council (VSAAC)
Funding Period: 2007-2012

Starting in1994, The Valley Substance Abuse Action Council (VSAAC, now known as the Alliance for Prevention and Wellness, a program of BHcare) administered a Survey of Student Needs every other year to 7th, 9th and 11th grade students in the Lower Naugatuck Valley. The survey includes questions about: drug, alcohol and tobacco use; sports and club participation; risky behaviors; and attitudes about school policies concerning drugs and alcohol.

From 2007-2012, the PRC served as an evaluator for this survey, which was administered to several thousand students throughout the Valley. The PRC analyzed the data, provided the survey results, and worked with the VSAAC team to help interpret the results in a meaningful way.

Findings: Findings from each survey were reported at the time on the website for VSAAC, which is now known as the Alliance for Prevention and Wellness
Eligibility: N/A

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