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Title: Randomized, Crossover Study of Endothelial Function Responses to Acute and Sustained Egg Consumption in Healthy Subjects
Status: Completed
Topic: Cardiovascular Health / Endothelial Function*
Funding Source: Egg Nutrition Center of the USDA
Funding Period: 5/00-6/01
Study Design: Single-Blind Crossover Study
Purpose: To determine the effects of daily egg consumption on endothelial function (or heart health) in healthy adults.
Further Study Details:

A total of 49 adults participated in this study. Participants were assigned to two daily treatment breakfasts, in random order, each for a period of 6 weeks:

  1. 2 eggs, and
  2. 1 serving of oatmeal

The oatmeal breakfast was used as a comparison since oatmeal has been shown to have a beneficial effect on endothelial function. At the end of each 6-week treatment period, participants underwent endothelial function testing (BARS) and cholesterol testing.

Findings: At the end of 6 weeks, cholesterol levels were significantly lower among those who ate oatmeal, while cholesterol levels stayed fairly constant for those who ate eggs. With regard to endothelial function, there was no meaningful difference between the oat and egg treatment, indicating that eating eggs in moderation does not adversely affect endothelial function. These findings are consistent with the view that dietary cholesterol (as found in eggs) may be less detrimental to cardiovascular health than previously thought.
Eligibility: Healthy adults (men over the age of 35 years; women who were post-menopausal and not currently using hormone replacement therapy) with no known coronary artery or other vascular disease and no daily prescription medication use.

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