Completed Projects

Title: Automated Guidance Tool for Medical Encounters Addressing Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (AuGMEnT)
Status: Completed
Topic: Health Promotion & Wellness
Funding Source: VioCare Technologies, Inc. through funding by NIH/SBIR
Funding Period: 2007-2011
Study Design: Non-Randomized
Purpose: To create an automated web-based program to support healthcare providers who want to help patients develop healthier lifestyles, but lack adequate resources and time to do so.
Further Study Details: The PRC provided technical, scientific, and programmatic direction to VioCare, and coordinated research efforts. The program component included online assessment and counseling tools to complement healthcare providers’ own assessment and treatment plans.
Findings: A total of 75 adults (10 men, 65 women) enrolled in the program, and 56 completed the program.  Based on self-reported dietary intake data, there were significant improvements in overall Healthy Eating Index scores, and intake of fruits and vegetables, along with significant reductions in intake of cholesterol, fat, and saturated fat. Project participants and healthcare providers provided feedback to improve the design of the website portal.
Eligibility: Adults of both genders

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