Completed Projects

Title: Wellness Initiatives For Improved Tomorrows (WINFIT)
Status: Completed
Topic: Health Promotion & Wellness;Program or Product Development;Worksite Wellness
Funding Source: Griffin Hospital / CDC
Funding Period: 2005-2016
Study Design: N/A

To assist Griffin Hospital in developing a comprehensive employee wellness program with a core focus on nutrition, physical activity and chronic disease management.

Further Study Details:

Griffin Hospital is committed to promoting the health and well-being of its employees and their families. The WINFIT initiative fostered a workplace environment to encourage environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle and a mind/body/spirit approach to health. WINFIT was designed to be a comprehensive employee wellness program with a core focus on nutrition, physical activity, and chronic disease management. Components included: on-site weight loss/management programs; a carpeted stairwell with motivational signs; exercise classes; pedometers; monthly nutrition talks; nutrition information for cafeteria selections; depression screening; and financial management classes. In 2009, the PRC designed a Health Makeover Program for Griffin employees at greatest risk for developing chronic diseases. It offered an intensive 3-month intervention followed by 3 to 9 months of ongoing support to help participants adopt healthier lifestyle habits, including physical activity, nutrition, and weight management. Participants received web-based and group support, nutrition counseling, opportunities for physical activity at the worksite, and tools to set goals and track progress. In 2010, the PRC partnered with the hospital on a Healthy Dining program to encourage employees to make healthful food choices. In 2016, the WINFIT program was transformed into the AgeLess Program, which also aims to promote personal well-being and a healthy workplace through education and program offerings.


Griffin Hospital employees and their families.

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