Completed Projects

Title: Maine Obesity Primary Prevention Project
Status: Completed
Topic: Obesity / Weight Management
Funding Source: ICF Consulting / Maine Department of Public Health
Funding Period: 2007
Study Design: N/A
Purpose: To help promote better health and weight control for pregnant women and parents of children from birth to school-entry age; and to train physicians to effectively intervene with obese patients.
Further Study Details:

Phase 1 involved the development of a manual (Health Enhancement through Lifestyle Practices, or HELP) to be used as a guide to clinical counseling in support of healthy dietary and physical activity patterns for adult patients and their young children. The manual provides time-efficient counseling methods, and directions to resources in support of counseling goals.

Phase 2 involved the provision of training and technical assistance to the Maine Center for Public Health.

Findings: N/A
Eligibility: N/A

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