Completed Projects

Title: Health Advocacy for Diabetes Prevention
Status: Completed
Topic: Community;Diabetes / Insulin Resistance
Funding Source: Connecticut Health Foundation
Funding Period: 2007
Study Design: N/A
Purpose: To educate residents and community leaders about the devastating effects of diabetes and the dire need for public policies to prevent new cases and to avoid complications among those already diagnosed.
Further Study Details: The study engaged city residents and leaders in a dialogue with election year candidates to learn who among them is committed to work for legislation and adequate financing to seriously address these healthcare issues. The project also aimed to mobilize residents to vote for candidates who support their values on this issue.

The change ultimately hoped for in the African-American community of New Haven is an informed and vocal electorate that demands adequate health care for all diabetics, a healthy nutritional school environment, and increased opportunities for physical activity for all residents.

Specific progress toward this end was planned through the implementation of five strategies:

  1. background information
  2. community education/advocacy
  3. a candidates’ forum
  4. participation in a “Get Out the Vote” campaign
  5. and post-election follow-up with elected officials
Eligibility: African-Americans in New Haven

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