Completed Projects

Title: Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) Outcomes Research Project (CORP)
Status: Completed
Topic: Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Funding Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Funding Period: 10/00 – 12/03
Study Design: Literature Review
Purpose: To identify best research methods for the evaluation of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).
Further Study Details:

The scope of the CORP project incorporated a comprehensive systematic review of the published CAM literature and creation of an “evidence matrix”, as well as the development and implementation of four pilot studies in areas where evidence is needed, as identified by the first phase of the project (the literature review and evidence matrix). Criteria were developed to guide the planning of pilot studies so that evidence would be generated where most useful. Pilots were deemed most useful if they addressed the any of the following:

  • gaps in the evidence base;
  • high priority condition/treatment pairs;
  • a methodological challenge;
  • and/or providing preliminary evidence of treatment effect.

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Eligibility: The CORP activities were guided by a 13-member Expert Panel of nationally recognized CAM authorities and a subcommittee of CAM practitioners representing the following disciplines: acupuncture/Chinese medicine, chiropractic, energy therapy, massage therapy, mind-body therapy, naturopathy/homeopathy, and traditional osteopathy.

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