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Title: Effects of Egg Ingestion on Endothelial Function in Hyperlipidemic Adults: A Randomized, Controlled, Crossover Trial
Status: Completed
Topic: Cardiovascular Health / Endothelial Function*
Funding Source: Egg Nutrition Center of the USDA
Funding Period: 12/03 – 1/05
Study Design: Randomized, Single-Blind Crossover Study
Purpose: To assess the effects of daily egg consumption on endothelial function among adults with untreated hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol).
Further Study Details:

A total of 40 adults participated in this study. During the acute phase, participants underwent endothelial function (BARS) and cholesterol testing following two separate study breakfasts (eggs, and a high-fat sausage patty with cheese). Participants were then assigned to two daily treatment breakfasts, in random order, each for a period of 6 weeks:

  1. 2 eggs, and
  2. 1 serving of Egg Beaters.

Egg Beaters was used as a comparison since it is similar to eggs in most ways with the exception of the amount of dietary cholesterol. At the end of each 6-week treatment period, participants underwent endothelial function (BARS) and cholesterol testing.

Findings: Daily egg ingestion for 6 weeks lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels in adults with high cholesterol. Endothelial function, a strong predictor of cardiac risk, was unaffected by sustained egg ingestion. Egg Beaters also lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels. However, ingestion of Egg Beaters led to a decrease in LDL cholesterol levels and improved endothelial function as compared to egg consumption over a 6 week period. While the mechanism of action is unexplained, the nutrient profile of eggs may have conferred some benefit to ameliorate cardiac risk in study participants with elevated cholesterol levels at baseline. The beneficial effects of Egg Beaters may be attributed to a lack of cholesterol and fat in the product. Egg ingestion does not appear to affect endothelial function adversely in hyperlipidemic individuals.
Eligibility: Adult men and women with high cholesterol (total cholesterol of >240 mg/dl and/or LDL cholesterol of >160mg/dl, and/or a total cholesterol to HDL ratio of >5.7) not currently taking lipid lowering medication.

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