Study Recruitment

Olive Oil and Heart Health Study


This study will compare the effects of two types of olive oils on heart health and blood pressure in adults at risk for type 2 diabetes. Participants will consume 2 meals prepared with olive oil, and will undergo assessments before and after each meal.


To qualify, study participants must:

  • Be non-smoking adults between the ages of 25-75 years.
  • Be willing to undergo screening for eligibility.
  • Be able to come to the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center (based at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT) 3 times for assessments between June and August 2019.
  • Be willing to eat a breakfast meal that includes olive oil during 2 of these study visits.

Selection & Compensation

Each participant will be assigned to eat one breakfast meal that includes refined olive oil and one breakfast meal that includes extra virgin olive oil. The order of the 2 meals will be randomly assigned. They will be compensated a total of $120 for taking part in all 3 study visits and assessments.

Contact Information

For information, call Rockiy at 203-732-1265, extension 300.


This study is funded by a grant from Boundary Bend Limited.

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