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Title: Understanding Barriers and Facilitators of COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence and Access among Black and Latinx Communities in Connecticut
Status: Current
Topic: COVID-19 Vaccine
Funding Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Funding Period: 2021-2022
Study Design: Mixed-method approach using qualitative and quantitative research

The Prevention Research Network (consisting of 26 PRCs across the U.S.) is being utilized to disperse supplemental CDC funding for rapid-response efforts to inform effective solutions to improve uptake of COVID-19 vaccines. The Yale-Griffin PRC’s efforts are intended to improve vaccine uptake in New Haven and the Lower Naugatuck Valley, especially among Black/African-American and Hispanic/Latinx residents.  COVID-19 vaccination rates have been disproportionately low among Black and Latinx people in CT, despite the fact that their age-adjusted COVID-19 death rates have exceeded those of their White counterparts. Our primary objective is to co-design and implement behavioral change interventions to increase confidence in, access to, and equitable uptake of COVID-19 vaccines among residents of these communities.

Further Study Details:

We are conducting this project in partnership with the Community Alliance for Research & Engagement (CARE). It builds upon work focusing on vaccine hesitancy and communication that CARE has been conducting with Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) grant supplemental funding from the CDC.

In collaboration with our community partners, our project activities include:

  • conducting listening sessions and surveys with community residents and vaccine providers to (1) understand the beliefs, perceptions, and perceived risks/benefits that influence confidence in the vaccine, and (2) identify key barriers and facilitators to vaccine access;
  • creating and revising a Program Implementation Pathways (PIP) diagram, with feedback from community partners, to guide us in assessing and identifying critical quality control points to address levers for change at the individual, health department, and health care systems level;
  • developing culturally-appropriate strategies with community partners to increase confidence in the vaccine and address barriers to its delivery;
  • using feedback loops to improve and refine vaccine promotion messages, message delivery, and other strategies to promote uptake.
  • Residents of  New Haven and the Lower Naugatuck Valley, especially persons who identify as Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latinx
  • COVID-19 vaccine “providers” (community-based providers, clinicians, community health workers, and vaccine outreach workers involved with COVID-19 vaccine promotion and delivery) in New Haven and the Lower Naugatuck Valley
Evaluation: Our formative research will include the listening sessions, surveys, and PIP diagram. We will apply an implementation science research framework to test the effectiveness of interventions co-developed with community partners.

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