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Title: Prevalence and Patterns of Marijuana Use among Patients Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
Status: Current
Topic: Complementary & Alternative Medicine;Multiple Sclerosis
Funding Source: State of Connecticut: Biomedical Research Trust Fund
Funding Period: 2018-2019
Study Design: Qualitative research survey

The primary goal is to better understand the use of marijuana by people who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). The results are expected to provide valuable information for neurologists and other medical professionals who currently refer their patients with MS to medical marijuana programs, have considered referring them, or have so far been reluctant to participate in medical marijuana programs for their patients. The results could also help guide policy decisions at the state and/or national level regarding medical marijuana use by people with MS.

Further Study Details:

The PRC is currently conducting this study in collaboration with neurologist Joseph Guarnaccia, MD of the Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Center (MSTC) at Griffin Hospital.


Multiple sclerosis patients from the MSTC who are enrolled in the State of Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana (CTMMP) Program

Evaluation: The survey is intended to elicit demographic data on people with MS who respond to the survey, including their age, gender, education level, employment status, household composition, type of MS, and degree of disability. The survey also includes questions regarding: their patterns of marijuana use; their use of prescription medications, including opioid and benzodiazepines, tobacco products, and alcohol; their MS symptoms; and the perceived benefits and/or adverse effects of their medical marijuana use. We expect to analyze the data from survey respondents in 2019.

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