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Title: Photovoice: A Tool for Community Empowerment and Action
Status: Completed
Topic: Community;Diabetes / Insulin Resistance
Funding Source: Connecticut Health Foundation
Funding Period: 2007-2008
Study Design: N/A
Purpose: To use Photovoice to engage people from across the socioeconomic spectrum in calling for New Haven to address issues related to racial health disparities and diabetes.
Further Study Details: Photovoice is a participatory-action research methodology used in public health research to generate discussion among community members and to create prevention and/or intervention strategies. This initiative was focused on identifying the underlying social, economic and environmental issues that make it difficult for local residents to live healthy lifestyles that would help eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities related to diabetes. The project used photography as a vehicle to depict New Haven residents’ concerns about the limited availability of resources to help prevent or manage diabetes. Ten African American women who had previously been trained by the PRC as Community Health Advisors
took photographs in response to questions the research team developed such as “What is missing in this community that would help prevent diabetes?”

In the fall of 2008, a traveling Photovoice exhibit was featured at several locations in the New Haven community. A reception for the main exhibit at City Hall was held on October 24th. Mayor John DeStefano provided opening remarks, and State Senator Toni Harp spoke about racial and ethnic health disparities in CT. Dr. Forrester Lee, a cardiologist at the Yale School of Medicine, discussed the relationship between lifestyle and heart disease. Other exhibit venues included St. Matthew’s Church, Varick Church, and the Community Outreach Center. The exhibits were viewed by over 250 people, and overall reactions were very positive.

Four themes emerged during this process:

  1. fear about children’s safety when playing outside;
  2. the loss of exercise facilities/resources in the community in recent years;
  3. concerns over the high costs of healthful foods; and
  4. limited availability of physicians and dentists to serve underserved and uninsured populations

Eligibility: To qualify for this study, you must:

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