Food Label Literacy for Applied Nutrition Knowledge (FLLANK) Questionnaire

The 10-item FLLANK questionnaire, also known as the "Food Label Quiz", measures nutrition knowledge in elementary school children exposed to the Nutrition Detectives (ND) program. It assesses the ability to identify more healthful food choices based on the Nutrition Facts panels and ingredients lists of food labels. Each test item shows a pair of Nutrition Facts panels and ingredient lists representing the types of foods (breads, crackers, cereals, cereal bars, and cookies) discussed in the ND program. The questionnaire is scored based on the percentage of correctly identified products.

In a published study, this questionnaire was found to be both reliable and a valid measure of food label literacy in children in grades 2, 3, and 4 who were taught the English-language ND program. Since this evidence was established in the context of this program, its utility in assessing the effectiveness of other school- or community-based intervention programs is suggested, but should be confirmed.

This “Food Label Literacy for Applied Nutrition Knowledge” (FLLANK) assessment tool is also known as the “Food Label Quiz.”