Community Committee

Our Community Committee includes representatives from community agencies and organizations, along with representative members of our target communities. We seek feedback from current members in selecting new members to ensure the inclusion of a diverse set of individuals with relevant expertise, skills, and leadership. Each member provides linkages in the community to strengthen partnerships and foster new relationships.

The committee’s primary functions include:

  1. assuring that PRC activities are conducted in accord with community beliefs and priorities
  2. participating in the establishment of community health priorities
  3. participating in the evaluation of the Center and its committee structure

Committee Members

Co-Chair:  William Quinn

Health Director, City of Waterbury

Co-Chair: Karen Spargo
Community Representative

Sandra Bulmer
Dean, School of Health and Human Services, Southern Connecticut State University

Cary Carpino
Director, Community Outreach and Parish Nursing for Griffin Hospital

Patrick Charmel
President, Griffin Hospital

Victoria Costales
Director, Center for Lifestyle Medicine, Griffin Hospital
Associate Director, Medical Education/Residency Program, Griffin Hospital

Kathleen Duffany
Acting PI. Yale School of Public Health

Jeffrey Dussetschleger
Director, Naugatuck Valley Health Department

Sharon Ellis
Executive Director, Valley United Way

Todd Howes
Physical Education Teacher, Ansonia Public Schools

Todd Liu
Vice President, Griffin Hospital

Pam Mautte
Director, Alliance for Prevention and Wellness

Barbara Moore
Executive Director, Valley YMCA

Haq Nawaz
Director, Medical Education/Residency Program, Griffin Hospital

Caty Poole
Executive Director, Massaro Community Farm

Jacqueline Roberts
Nubian Sisters Cancer Support Group

Alycia Santilli
Deputy Director, Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE)

Ludwig Spinelli
Chief Executive Officer, Bridgeport Community Health Center

Jack Walsh
Community Representative

Audra Weisel
Community Representative

Nancy Whiteley
Community Resident