Meet the Staff


N. Andy Bostick, ScD MA MPP CPH

Research Scientist

Phone: (203) 732-1265 ext. 305

Research Interests / Roles

Andy Bostick has two decades’ worth of professional experience in the field of healthcare equity, as well as expertise in health policy analysis, quantitative and quantative research, quality improvement, and project management. He comes to the PRC with the goal of reducing racial and ethnic variations in patient access, treatment, and health outcomes within the Naugatuck Valley community.


  • Doctor of Science in Health Systems Management, Tulane University

  • Master’s Certificate in Business Management, Tulane University

  • Master of Arts in Bioethics, University of Virginia

  • Master of Public Policy in Public Policy Analysis, Georgetown University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology, Guilford College

Selected Publications

  • Claxton G, Rae M, Panchal N, Damico A, Whitmore H, Bostick N, Kenward K. Health Benefits in 2013: Moderate Premium Increases in Employer-Sponsored Plans. Health Affairs. 2013;32(9):1667-76.

  • Herrin J, Wesolowski LG, Heffelfinger JD, Bostick N, Hall HI, Ethridge SF, Branson BM. HIV screening practices and hospital characteristics. Public Health Reports. 2013;128(3):161-9.

  • Quinlisk P, Jones MJ, Bostick N, Walsh L, Curtiss R, Walker R, Mercer S, Subbarao I. Results of rapid needs assessments in rural and urban Iowa following large-scale flooding events in 2008. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 2012; 5(4):287-92.

  • Subbarao I, Burkle F, Hsu E, Bostick N, James J. Building a fundamental framework for disaster education and training. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2009;53(6):837-8.

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